Mitch Lucker: “Everyone Thought I Was Dead”

Suicide Silence frontman Mitch Lucker has been hospitalized after developing a severe infection, caused by his recently broken elbow. Click on the embedded Tweets below to see a series of photos.

Lucker was taken to the Orange Coast Memorial hospital in Fountain Valley, California over the weekend, where he was inserted with a double intravenous drip of antibiotics.

In an update to his official Twitter account, Lucker reported that the brunt of the infection came on suddenly:  “had an ambulance come to my house. I woke up inside of it because everyone thought I was dead… Apparently I just passed out & had a nap.”

He later Tweeted that it was a very surreal experience: “Don’t even know if I was dead or not…I spent so much time in limbo with crazyville & reality… I thought I was legit dead 4. 2. long.”

Fortunately, it seems the worst is over. Lucker posted the following update earlier today (September 3):Thanks for all the positive vibes! Last night was crazy, but I’m ok and Getting way better. Thank you all for the support. I will be fine <3”

No word has been given as to how the injury occurred; however, Lucker did confirm that the break was a bad one in a post to Twitter last week: “This is a picture of what came out of my broken elbow. Yep… That’s a Lil chunk of bone,” he tweeted.

Suicide Silence later affirmed Lucker’s post on its official Facebook page, but added that the injury wouldn’t be slowing them down: “Mitch messed up his elbow pretty badly. Bone popping out…yet still playing tonight’s show.  Keepin it brutal!”

Despite the seriousness of Lucker’s injury, Suicide Silence somehow got through the show, which took place at the Dos Amigos in Odessa, Texas on Wednesday, August 29. Lucker later tweeted that he paid the price for his relentless work ethic. “So for the 2nd time Ina row I played the show and ripped the last lasting remaining stitches out of my elbow… #fucked