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Suicide Silence Singer Mitch Lucker Dead At 28


Mitch Lucker, the vocalist for Suicide Silence has died from injuries sustained in a motorbike accident. Suicide Silence posted the following statement to their official Facebook page:  “There’s no easy way to say this. Mitch passed away earlier this morning from injuries sustained during a motorcycle accident. This is completely…

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Mark Heylmun’s All-Time Favorite Vocalists


Mark Heylmun of Suicide Silence recently compiled his list of ‘All-Time Favorite Vocalists.’ It can be viewed below.   Surprisingly, only one metal vocalist – Phil Anselmo – featured in Heylmun’s list. Anselmo, who is best known as the frontman for Pantera and Down, recently announced he would be releasing…

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Mark Heylmun’s Favorite Metal Vocalists


Suicide Silence guitarist Mark Heylmun has named his all-time favorite metal vocalists. Check out his list below. While all the singers in Heylmun’s list have received international attention for their efforts both on and off the stage, the very serious and very public situation Lamb Of God frontman Randy Blythe…

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Mark Heylmun’s Current Favorite Riffs

Fredrik Thordendal.

Mark Heylmun of Suicide Silence has cited his current favorite riffs. His list can be found below.   Mark Heylmun’s Current Favorite Riffs:   • First 2 riffs to ‘Heir Apparent’ -Opeth • Intro and breakdown to ‘Demiurge’ -Meshuggah • All of ‘Second Skin’ -Dying Fetus   Heylmun crafts his…

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